Having rambled on at inordinate length in the last post about my inherited japonica camellias, I realised that I failed to include a single picture of any of them.  So below there are three lovely flowers and one unlovely one illustrating the effect after rain, wind or just a day or so in the world after opening.


Spring is coming in a rush now, the baby quince tree has popped a sprinkling of soft downy leaves together with subtle pink hints of the gorgeous blossom to come, the pear has formed a glowing spire of creamy blossom, already suffused with green, half the narcissus are finished already, and Clematis armandii is flowering its socks off in its second spring in my garden.

I even have a scattering of tulips, eye-burning Tulipa greigii are dotted rather awkwardly about, I forget they’re there each year so fail to co-locate them inwith better neighbours. Also been enjoying a successful flowering of the gorgeous Tulipa “Flaming purissima” , here surrounded by 20,000 nigella seedlings

Tulipa 'Flaming Purissima'

Tulipa ‘Flaming Purissima’

Nashi, plum and nectarine blossom is opening. I cannot like the rather harsh pink blossom of my baby nectarine tree, it’s subject to curly leaf and the birds get the (so far very small amount) of fruit anyway so it’s probably not a keeper. But home grown nectarines are so good, a completely different fruit to the tasteless commercial varieties.

And these charming  little fellows are making their presence felt

Fairy wren busy harrassing his rivals

Fairy wren busy harassing his rivals

Finally the unimpaired view of the large  bottom-of-the-garden shed that I endure over winter is being broken up by foliage

Here’s a happy dog

More joy of spring

More joy of spring


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