The Spotted dog garden was virtually a blank canvas when I arrived, 3 levels of somewhat unkempt lawns running down to a creek and occasionally bordered with skinny ribbons of pine bark.  Its progress under my watch has been limited by the previously established sloping layout that I couldn’t afford to change and the (unknown at time of purchase but rapidly realised) layer of building rubble and compacted blue metal lurking under the skin of loam. As a bonus there was a row of my least liked hedge-become-tree, Photinia robusta, down one fence.  The aim of this blog is to keep a personal record of the planning, progress, thrills, pitfalls and  planting that happens here.

When I started converting patches of the lawn (read creeping buttercup, all manner of flat weeds  and moss), to garden beds I was determined to keep my beloved roses to a minimum and only the better behaved ones at that. Everywhere I dug I met the aformentioned building rubble and compacted blue metal, so much for the alluvial creek valley for which I had hoped. The first dog in the garden was Nova, who accompanied me from my previous garden, he was white and fluffy and very beautiful, the only spots were his deepest brown eyes. Then we were joined by the sweet, lady-like, and very spotted, Ellie. Now Zoro is the lone canine supervisor, one day he may be joined by  a deputy ‘Keeper of the possums in check” but not yet


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